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Turn Heat On



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Free Estimates & Custom Ramp Designs

Ordering your heated ramp is simple...

We walk you through the process step-by-step to select your ideal ramp for your specific need. 

Our ramps are eye appealing and safer, with no need to cover it up.  We have a variety of color combinations to choose from for ramp colors and railing options. During the winter months, we've got you covered!


Our installations: One of our approved and licensed contractors will set up a time to speak about your ramp needs (Adaptable Home).


Top quality materials

Non-slip floor

Utilizing the latest in technology (Shark Grip), your ramp will have optimal grip vs slippery wood or aluminum.


Continuous railing

(no pinch points)

standard rails require the user to lift their hands as they traverse the rail


HEAT. NO snow or ice on your ramp

the average temp in Michigan from December to February is 25˚F


Different color options to match your home

A variety of rail colors and almost unlimited options for floor. HR can match your current garage floor, front porch, siding, etc., to give you the customized look you can be proud of.

Heated Ramps was created out of the necessity for a ramp system that had both eye appeal and was safer. Our President, Bruce Grifhorst, has a passion for helping people. Throughout his tenure with the wheelchair community, he saw a need for ramp accessibility even in the winter.  Independence is paramount to his customers and snow/ice was impeding their ability to leave the house. 

The lightbulb came on - Heat the ramp!

It works like magic!
See it for yourself.

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